Tuesday’s Snow – Part 1

Tuesday, January 21 dawned gray and cold with light snow.

1a (1)Most schools and many businesses were closed because of the cold, and it was supposed to snow all day.

1a (2)The birdseed I put out the night before was just slightly covered with snow, so the birds should be able to find food – at least during the early morning hours.

1a (3)It didn’t take many hours for the snow to go from a dusting to…

1a (4)…several inches.

1a (5)We never did get a lot of snow in our area – maybe 4-5 inches. Not far to our south they had 11 inches.

Cerwin and I spent a relaxing day at home.

I planned to write the next edition of The Extra Mile newsletter, but decided that it could wait for another day.

Instead we enjoyed an extra cup of coffee while watching a few hours of Extreme Planes, Motorhomes, and Boats. I joked that the creativeness of finding space for things in these vehicles was training for Cerwin in building chapels.

Since we were receiving emails from the other staff in the office, as to how they were doing office work at home, Cerwin asked me to send an email saying that he was not wasting his day either, but using it for training on chapel construction. 🙂

1a (6)Male red-bellied woodpecker

It cannot be surprising to you that I watched birds.

1a (10)White-throated sparrow.

1a (11)Male cardinal

1a (11a) (1)Black-eyed juncos are difficult to photograph on a gray day, because they are black and gray.

1a (11a) (2)

1a (11a) (3)

1a (12)This one looked pretty in the snow.

1a (13)A beautiful female cardinal.

1a (14)I captured a tufted titmouse in an interesting position while trying to get seeds from the seed bag.

1a (15)Every now and then an opportunity happens where the conditions are just right to get a series of really great pictures!

1a (16)I love these pictures of a nuthatch that perched on a shepherd’s hook just outside our kitchen window.

1a (17)

1a (18)

1a (19)

1a (20)I am not sure what made it look up, but it happened just as I snapped the picture.

I loved the result.

I have another series of pictures from the day for tomorrow night.

Getting Ready For Snow

Almost everything about Monday, January 20, told us that snow was coming.

1The only thing that was a bit deceptive was the sunrise, but the snow was still hours away.

2By early afternoon sunshine was a rarity.

2aBirds were busy most of the day.

3 (1)Squirrels took advantage of snow-free grass to search for shellbarks and acorns.

3 (2)We knew there was snow in the air by the weather forecast, but the birds and squirrels knew it by an inborn “something” that God put in their beings.

3aSnow was supposed to begin sometime during the night, but the evening sky was already gray and felt like something was going on.

4The few remaining shellbarks and leaves looked cold and lonely on the tree branches.



DSC_3604Tomorrow I will show you the snow that beautified our countryside on Tuesday.

Cold Feet

It is amazing what I will do for a photograph!

DSC_3409Last Saturday morning, January 18, when I noticed a pretty sunrise, I decided to brave the light snow and cold weather while still barefooted and in my house coat. (We live in the country so I can do this!)

1 (1)Sunrise photos are often much prettier when taken outside.

1 (2)

DSC_3414While on the patio, I decided to take a few other pictures.


DSC_3419This bird house looks as cold as my feet.

DSC_3416 About two hours later the weather changed and gray overtook the skies.


We had a wonderful two days – Friday and Saturday – getting a few shopping and ministry errands accomplished and visiting friends in retirement communities. It was delightful to visit Les and Carole at Maple Farms on Friday. On Saturday we took my step-mother along to visit our friend Mary, and three ladies from church: Esther, Mary, and Miriam.

We decided that we should do this more often. I am hoping we blessed those we visited. I do know they blessed us.

These Cold Days Are For The Birds

This is one time of year that I like to make sure our feeders are filled because food for birds is not as readily available as usual.

1-12 (1)A female red-bellied woodpecker enjoying suet.

1-12 (2)I can tell it’s a female because she has gray on her head. A male’s head is red up to its beak.

1-13Dark-eyed junco

I expect it is a male, because the females are not quite so dark gray. Their feathers are more brownish-gray.

1-14 (1)January 14 was a gray, rainy day, so I enjoyed seeing the male cardinal when he came to feed.

1-14 (2)The female cardinal gave me a better photo-op.

1-15 (1)Female house finch.

1-15 (2)They are fun to photograph because they come to feeders close to the window and are patient with my camera lens.

1-16 (1)Thursday morning, January 16 presented an interesting sunrise.

1-16 (2)In the evening I saw this when I looked out our kitchen window. Cerwin thinks the smoke on the horizon is from a recycling plant about twenty-plus miles away. Or, he said it could be from the Brunner Island Power Plant.

Mel & Velda’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration ~ Part 3 of 3

Sunday Evening, January 19 ~ Neffsville Mennonite Church

Neffsville, Pennsylvania


1aMel and Velda posing for pictures.


1cThe cake – with lemon filling – was delicious.

1d (1)A family member made a small angel food cake for this photo-op because their wedding cake was angel food.

1d (2)I posted a bunch of them – just because they were so much fun. 🙂

1d (3)

1d (4)

1d (5)

1d (6)

1d (7)

2 (12)When the meal was over, Mel and Velda visited with their guests.

1d (8)Peyton had a coloring book along and talked Roy into helping her color a page.

1d (9)

1d (10)

1d (11)Pat, Bailey, Crystal, and Denise.

1d (12)Bailey and Great-grandma High. (Love this picture!)

2 (22)Mel and Velda’s family posed in the kitchen after everything was cleaned up.

2 (23)This is what happens when family gets together.

3I love family gatherings.

Thanks Mel and Velda for sharing your special day with us.