Pretty Day After The Snow

Wednesday, January 22

DSC_3762The morning sun tinted everything with a yellow glow.


DSC_3776The goldfinches looked more yellow than they actually are at this time of year.




DSC_3773As the sun got higher in the sky the light revealed beautiful white snow.

DSC_3783By evening we were back to yellow in the sky.

DSC_3788Then just as the sun set the entire sky turned a pinkish-orange.

DSC_3786You may remember that we did very little work the day before, as we enjoyed watching the snow. I’m happy to report that we reached our work goals on this day.

  • Cerwin went to the office early to clear the parking lot so the International staff could get to work.
  • I was pleased to finish our Extra Mile newsletter. I reviewed it with Cerwin when he got home so it was ready to send to the office for proofreading in the morning.

It was a good day – after the snow.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Day After The Snow

  1. Once again, your bird shots are gorgeous! And the snow shots, too — the morning and evening ones exemplify why those times are called golden hours, and the midday shots are just plain beautiful — interesting how blue the shadows are in contrast with the white of the snow!

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