Tuesday’s Snow – Part 2

Tuesday, January 21

1Though we only received several inches of snow, it added a new beauty to our landscape.

1aBirds that are usually pretty looked even prettier with the white background – even blue jays.

1bOops! My movement scared him that time.

1c (1)The little junco looked cold.

1c (2)Tufted titmouse

1d (1)Goldfinches fluffed their feathers to keep warm.

1d (2)

2 (6)

2 (10)Male hairy woodpecker.

I don’t see them very often. They are larger than downy woodpeckers – but look similar. A hairy is about 9″ in length and a downy is about 6″ long.

2aMale downy woodpecker.

3 (1)This junco looks like it is nesting in cotton – instead of cold snow.

3 (2)

3 (3)Another junco huddled in a feeder.

3 (4)Chickadees are fun to watch any day.

3 (5)Mourning doves are usually ground feeders.

3 (6)Cerwin waited until late afternoon to go to the mailbox – making sure the mailman had plenty of time to deliver  the mail.

3 (7)

3 (8)I was surprised to see a starling in its winter coat.

3 (9)I don’t know where they winter, but I don’t see them very often this time of year.

3 (10)When I opened the back door to look at the landscape by the outside light, the snow glittered like millions of tiny diamonds.

3 (11)In the front of the house, the feeders looked peaceful without a lot of fluttering birds.

3 (12)Snow continued to fall lightly during the night, but there was very little accumulation after dark.

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