Tuesday’s Snow – Part 1

Tuesday, January 21 dawned gray and cold with light snow.

1a (1)Most schools and many businesses were closed because of the cold, and it was supposed to snow all day.

1a (2)The birdseed I put out the night before was just slightly covered with snow, so the birds should be able to find food – at least during the early morning hours.

1a (3)It didn’t take many hours for the snow to go from a dusting to…

1a (4)…several inches.

1a (5)We never did get a lot of snow in our area – maybe 4-5 inches. Not far to our south they had 11 inches.

Cerwin and I spent a relaxing day at home.

I planned to write the next edition of The Extra Mile newsletter, but decided that it could wait for another day.

Instead we enjoyed an extra cup of coffee while watching a few hours of Extreme Planes, Motorhomes, and Boats. I joked that the creativeness of finding space for things in these vehicles was training for Cerwin in building chapels.

Since we were receiving emails from the other staff in the office, as to how they were doing office work at home, Cerwin asked me to send an email saying that he was not wasting his day either, but using it for training on chapel construction. 🙂

1a (6)Male red-bellied woodpecker

It cannot be surprising to you that I watched birds.

1a (10)White-throated sparrow.

1a (11)Male cardinal

1a (11a) (1)Black-eyed juncos are difficult to photograph on a gray day, because they are black and gray.

1a (11a) (2)

1a (11a) (3)

1a (12)This one looked pretty in the snow.

1a (13)A beautiful female cardinal.

1a (14)I captured a tufted titmouse in an interesting position while trying to get seeds from the seed bag.

1a (15)Every now and then an opportunity happens where the conditions are just right to get a series of really great pictures!

1a (16)I love these pictures of a nuthatch that perched on a shepherd’s hook just outside our kitchen window.

1a (17)

1a (18)

1a (19)

1a (20)I am not sure what made it look up, but it happened just as I snapped the picture.

I loved the result.

I have another series of pictures from the day for tomorrow night.

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