Getting Ready For Snow

Almost everything about Monday, January 20, told us that snow was coming.

1The only thing that was a bit deceptive was the sunrise, but the snow was still hours away.

2By early afternoon sunshine was a rarity.

2aBirds were busy most of the day.

3 (1)Squirrels took advantage of snow-free grass to search for shellbarks and acorns.

3 (2)We knew there was snow in the air by the weather forecast, but the birds and squirrels knew it by an inborn “something” that God put in their beings.

3aSnow was supposed to begin sometime during the night, but the evening sky was already gray and felt like something was going on.

4The few remaining shellbarks and leaves looked cold and lonely on the tree branches.



DSC_3604Tomorrow I will show you the snow that beautified our countryside on Tuesday.

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