Cold Feet

It is amazing what I will do for a photograph!

DSC_3409Last Saturday morning, January 18, when I noticed a pretty sunrise, I decided to brave the light snow and cold weather while still barefooted and in my house coat. (We live in the country so I can do this!)

1 (1)Sunrise photos are often much prettier when taken outside.

1 (2)

DSC_3414While on the patio, I decided to take a few other pictures.


DSC_3419This bird house looks as cold as my feet.

DSC_3416 About two hours later the weather changed and gray overtook the skies.


We had a wonderful two days – Friday and Saturday – getting a few shopping and ministry errands accomplished and visiting friends in retirement communities. It was delightful to visit Les and Carole at Maple Farms on Friday. On Saturday we took my step-mother along to visit our friend Mary, and three ladies from church: Esther, Mary, and Miriam.

We decided that we should do this more often. I am hoping we blessed those we visited. I do know they blessed us.

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  1. How long did it take you to warm up after that photoshoot?! I love the sunset shots, but even better, the firt leaf shot and the blue bird house! It’s overcast (gray) here today, but warm enough to be comfortable!

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