These Cold Days Are For The Birds

This is one time of year that I like to make sure our feeders are filled because food for birds is not as readily available as usual.

1-12 (1)A female red-bellied woodpecker enjoying suet.

1-12 (2)I can tell it’s a female because she has gray on her head. A male’s head is red up to its beak.

1-13Dark-eyed junco

I expect it is a male, because the females are not quite so dark gray. Their feathers are more brownish-gray.

1-14 (1)January 14 was a gray, rainy day, so I enjoyed seeing the male cardinal when he came to feed.

1-14 (2)The female cardinal gave me a better photo-op.

1-15 (1)Female house finch.

1-15 (2)They are fun to photograph because they come to feeders close to the window and are patient with my camera lens.

1-16 (1)Thursday morning, January 16 presented an interesting sunrise.

1-16 (2)In the evening I saw this when I looked out our kitchen window. Cerwin thinks the smoke on the horizon is from a recycling plant about twenty-plus miles away. Or, he said it could be from the Brunner Island Power Plant.

2 thoughts on “These Cold Days Are For The Birds

  1. Beautiful bird shots, Doris!!! Interesting that you are seeing smoke from a recycling plant — in the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve had 2 major fires at recycling plants!

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