Mel & Velda’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration ~ Part 1 of 3

Sunday Evening, January 19 ~ Neffsville Mennonite Church

Neffsville, Pennsylvania

0 (1)

0 (2)Velda is Cerwin’s sister.

0 (3)They were married January 25, 1964.

0A (1)Their children and grandchildren were in charge of the meal, and were relaxing in the kitchen when we arrived.

0A (2)Grandsons Shtefan and Jeremy with their mom, Gabi (Mel and Velda’s daughter-in-law).

0A (3)Granddaughters Sami and Megan with Sami’s mom, Denise. (Denise is Mel and Velda’s youngest daughter).

Megan works in the food business and coordinated the meal.

1 (1)Eric (Megan’s husband) and Cerwin visiting.

1 (2)Dorretta (left), Mel and Velda’s oldest daughter, watches as Jeremy gets the slides set up for Cerwin’s mother.

Donald and Jeremy did a great job of putting a slide show together for the evening.

1 (3)Donald (Mel and Velda’s son) and Shtefan dealing with some last-minute details.

2 (1)The Rhoads’ children and grandchildren did an outstanding job of displaying old photos and memories.

2 (2)

2 (3)The baby in this picture is Mel and Velda’s first great-grandchild. He and his daddy were not feeling well so could not be at the celebration.

2 (4)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)

Velda’s wedding dress.

2 (9)Her attendants wore dresses similar to the blue one. I think this one must have been her youngest sister Doris’ dress because she would have been twelve.

Geraldine (the bridesmaid) and I (matron of honor) would have had dresses similar in size to Velda’s.

2 (10)This quilted memory is from their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

3This was one of my favorite displays: her parent’s wedding photo on the left, two of their wedding pictures and the Bible Velda carried in the center, and Mel’s mother and step-dad’s picture on the right. The items were displayed on an old ironing board.

More pictures tomorrow night.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Mom! It was such a fun night celebrating with them; so glad we were there to see everyone and enjoy the evening. I can’t wait to see the rest

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