Birds & Snow

Friday, January 10

1We woke up to a beautiful, gray, snowy day last Friday.

2The blue jays and cardinals looked pretty with their blues and reds against the winter white.

2aA wren joined them at the feeder.

4 (1)I caught this male downy woodpecker in flight – on its way to the suet.

4 (2)

3b (1)A red-bellied woodpecker enjoying suet.

3b (2)

5 (1)The male goldfinches are beginning to turn yellow.

5 (2)

6 (2)I put some peanuts out the night before, so we saw a lot of blue jays during the snow.

6b (2)

6 (1)

6b (1)


6 (5)

6 (4)

6 (2)

7 (1)I enjoyed watching this tufted titmouse come to the feeder near my kitchen window.

7 (2)Then he surprised me and went to the peanut feeder, picked up one, and took it to the tree where he held it and began picking at the shell until he got to the peanut.

9 (2)None look quite so pretty in the snow as the male cardinal.

9 (3)

9 (1)It is difficult for me to leave the windows and get to desk work when there are so many birds at the feeders.

10 thoughts on “Birds & Snow

  1. My goodness, what a colorful yard you have in the midst of all the snow! I can see that it would be somewhat distracting to watch the feeders rather than working!

  2. I so love seeing your pictures of feeding the birds. My Mom fed the birds when I was growing up. In the winter when the weather was bad, she would go through a 50 pound of bird food in a week! I miss seeing the many different birds. I wish I could feed them, but since I’m renting and never know when I will have to move again, it wouldn’t be fair to the birds.

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