Snow Scenes #3

I have just a bit farther to go before I turn around and head back to the house.

7 (1)At this point I am not far from Route 1.

I can hear the vehicles.

It’s nice to be walking on a dead-end road

away from the traffic.

7 (2)The view was a bit different after I turned around

because I was now facing the sun

and the breeze

making it feel even colder

than when the wind was on my back.

7 (3)If anything

the scenery was even prettier

because of the way the sun hit the ice and snow.

7 (4)

7 (5)

7 (6)

7 (7)

7 (8)I looked up when I heard the distinct sound of a small prop plane.

7 (9)That’s when I noticed this nest

probably belonging to an osprey.

7 (10)Meanwhile

there is still a lot of beauty on the ground.

7 (11)

7 (12)

7 (13)The good thing about the return walk

it’s downhill.

7 (15)It’s certainly cold

but I’m not quite ready to leave this wintry, frozen beauty.

7 (16)I’m back to the railroad track that goes along Mark and Diane’s backyard.

This time I’m facing east.

7 (17)It is time to get inside before I freeze my toes and fingers

but I must stop to get a close-up of these berries.

7 (18)That was an invigorating walk.

I’m going inside now for a cup of hot chocolate.

Thanks for coming along.

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