Snow Scenes #2

A continuation of my walk on the snow-covered road that goes by Mark and Diane’s house.

Saturday, January 4

1 (1)I walked slowly so I wouldn’t miss any of the beauty.

1 (2)White picket fences do not show up very well in white snow. 🙂

However, it still made a pretty picture.

2I expect that a lobsterman lives here.

3 (1)

3 (2)This is one of my favorite scenes from the walk.

I was fascinated to see this house nestled in the snowy landscape as I walked up the hill.

3 (4)There was very little noise except the squeaky, crunchy sound of my boots as I walked on the frozen snow.

3aBranches were heavy with ice and snow.


3bbThe silence was broken by the sound of a jet flying far above me.


DSC_3048The noon sun caused every icy branch to glitter against the clear blue sky.

DSC_3058It was much prettier than my camera captured.

DSC_3060Ice abounded on bare branches.

DSC_3062I often stopped in awe of the incredible beauty surrounding me.




DSC_3051In other areas red berries stood out against the wintry backdrop.

DSC_3057I have one more set of pictures from this snowy, beautiful walk.

4 thoughts on “Snow Scenes #2

  1. I love the house buried in snow — I hope it isn’t aactually buried that deep, though, as it might be a bit dangerous to burn anything inside to make that smoke! The icy shots are great — it’s hard to capture the glitter!

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