Love This Tradition

…of going to Elizabeth Nails with Diane.

1a (1)Friday afternoon, January 3

1a (2)It is a delightful thing to do on a frigid day in Maine.

1a (3)The atmosphere takes us away from the snow and low temperatures of the outside.

1a (4)This year we took Lydia, Elizabeth, and Hannah along.

I think they are hoping that this becomes a yearly girls day out.

Sounds good to me.

1a (5)Oh, this is so delightful.

1a (6)And having my feet in warm paraffin is even better.

1a (7)Then there are oils and hot rocks. Oh, my!

1a (8)Then warm towels. Delightful. Soothing.

1a (9)Then they do they same things to our hands.

The time goes so quickly, but our hands and feet thank us.

1a (10)And before we know it we are back outside in the cold, beautiful, Maine winter where there are still some Christmas decorations displayed around town.

1a (11)

1a (12)

1a (13)

1a (14)Can you guess what this is?

1a (15)

1a (16)Yes, they are lobster traps.

1a (17)But look closer at the design.

1a (18)

1a (19)It’s a lobster trap Christmas tree.

Only in Maine!

1a (20)Because it was ladies day out, we ordered pizza for supper – so we didn’t have to cook.

1a (21)

1a (22)

1a (23)

1a (24)We spent the rest of the evening playing Scum.

Oh, what a delightful day in Maine.

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  1. Oops — I hit send too soon! I recognized the lobster floats and traps, but have never seen a Christmas tree made of them — how clever! How was the weather there — and are you staying warm now at home?

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