Beautiful Day in Maine After The Snow

Friday, January 3

DSC_2867We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland on Friday morning.

DSC_2893The mobile chicken pen in their back yard.

DSC_2899The eight inches on top of the previous twenty-four inches this area had in the past few weeks created some steep snow banks.

DSC_2902I would have liked to go outside, but the temptation to do so was hindered by the zero degree and below temperatures.

DSC_2904Hezekiah was asked to remove snow from someone’s roof and was removing snow and ice from the ladder before going to their house.

Lydia decided to go along and help him.

DSC_2906Their picnic table won’t be used for food for a while.

DSC_2910Looking toward Route 1.

DSC_2915The road to the Myers’ house is on the other side of the mailboxes.

DSC_2917The branches were heavy with snow.

It was a good day to be inside, play games, and drink hot chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Day in Maine After The Snow

  1. The early part of the trip was the worst – heavy rain – but the temperature was above freezing, so not bad. Then we had rain until south of Hartford, Connecticut. By the time we reached New Jersey the roads were dry. Now we are back in Pennsylvania where it is getting very cold tonight. The temperature will be just above freezing by morning. I can hear the wind whipping around the house right now.

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