Traveling To Maine

We left the house about 5:00 a.m. on December 31 to head north – to spend time with our daughter Diane and our Maine family.

DSC_2695This picture (northern Pennsylvania) is a bit deceptive as it appears to be sunny and warm.

DSC_2698However, this was taken across the road at the same spot.

DSC_2699Traveling northeast means we get to see the sun rise and need sun visors to keep its brightness out of our faces.

DSC_2701Shortly after sunrise we got to see a mini sun dog. The sun was to our right in this picture.

I spent most of the day playing with my new Nook and reading a book that I downloaded before we left home.

DSC_2704We began seeing signs of snow on the ground in Massachusetts.

DSC_2707This ad on the back of a truck caught my attention.

DSC_2710After texting Diane that we had entered Maine, she called to say that they were in Portland shopping at Trader Joe’s.

She asked if it was snowing. We said, “No, the sun was shining here.”

There were flurries in Portland, she said.

DSC_2712The sky soon became cloudy ahead of us, but the sun was still on our back.

DSC_2714Before long we were seeing signs of flurries and snow on the ground from a few days earlier.


DSC_2727The scenery from southern Maine to Brunswick was beautiful.





DSC_2760The flurries had stopped and the sun was trying to peek through as we approached the Myers’ house.

DSC_2767There was evidence in their yard of the two feet of snow that had fallen in the past few weeks.

DSC_2763And the zero degree temperatures mean that the icicles on their house aren’t leaving anytime soon.



DSC_2772Diane and Elizabeth prepared our New Year’s Eve supper of ham, carrots & peas, and baked sweet potatoes.


DSC_2869Cerwin, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mark, Diane, and I spent our evening playing Take One.

Hezekiah and Lydia went to a church youth service near Bowdoin.

DSC_2881Our celebration consisted of sparkling grape juice about 10:00 p.m. We and Mark and Diane were too weary to stay up until midnight.

Elizabeth and Hannah drove around looking for fireworks! 🙂 They didn’t see any, but heard some when they got close to home just after midnight.

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  1. Those are gorgeous scenery shots, Doris — and I love the icicles from the roof and the ones by the side of the road! Happy New Year (I’m home now, and will go back and catch up over the weekend)!

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