Sunsets & Snow

It’s been a week of pretty sunsets and snow.

1 (1)Saturday evening, December 21

1 (2)

2 Christmas Eve (1)Christmas Eve snow flurry.

2 Christmas Eve (2)

2 Christmas Eve (3)

3 (1)Christmas evening brilliance

3 (2)

DSC_2390We were surprised to wake up to snow the day after Christmas.

DSC_2392I’m not sure how we missed the weather forecast for snow – maybe it was because of the Christmas Day activities.

DSC_2394It gave Cerwin an opportunity to use his new (bulletproof) snow shovel. 🙂

DSC_2397He was impressed with it.

DSC_2399Tonight we had another pretty sunset.

DSC_2401It has been fun to look our the window to see what is going on with the sun and weather.

2 thoughts on “Sunsets & Snow

  1. How beautiful, Doris! I hate to mention it, but we just came home from a Mexican dinner, which we ate outside on the restaurant patio! I expect we’ll suffer for it when the next fire season rolls around, but it’s wonderful now!

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