Our Family Christmas – The Meal

When our “girls” decided (a few years ago) that they would always make the Christmas meal and we would provide the place, I resisted a bit, but with our busy past few weeks, I was grateful that all I had to do was clean the house and prepare the garage and coffee and punch.

1 (2)Roy and Deb arrived with a pretty floral arrangement as a hostess gift.

1 (1)

1 (4)When it was meal time, I tried to get a few pictures. These three are always so cooperative. 🙂 Josh and Jordan are drinking mocha punch.

1 (3)Jenna wanted me to take a new picture for our refrigerator, so she smiled nicely.

1 (5)Kristen and Jere just happened to be there when I had my camera.

1 (7)Meal time!

1 (10)Ham balls, mixed vegetable casserole, and refrigerator potatoes.

1 (9)Rolls by Abby.

1 (6)Desserts

1 (8)There was plenty of delicious food.

1 (11)Our table full of 22 people.

1 (12)After we were filled and the food put away, we sat down to prepare for the gift exchange by reading the Christmas story from Luke 2.

1 (13)I made sure there were 22 slips of paper that told the story of Jesus birth.

1 (14)I like mixing up the verses so it is not read in order.

1 (15)We do it this way because we hear this story so many times during the Christmas celebration, that this makes them think about it in a different way.

1 (16)There are only 20 verses, so I divided the two longest.

1 (17)

1 (18)Nathaniel especially liked the verse that was given to him and wasn’t about to give it up when I was looking for a shorter verse for Jesse.

It was verse 7, and said, “ She gave birth to her first child, a son.” (He and Abby are expecting their first baby in May – our first great-grandchild. 🙂

Tomorrow night – The Gift Exchange.

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