Our Family Christmas ~ Part 1

Ian came to me after church asking if he could come to our house early and help to do some decorating for our Christmas supper on Sunday evening.

DSC_2158I wasn’t going to do a lot of decorating this year, but thought that it would be fun to give him a few boxes of things from the attic.

DSC_2210He also set up the manger scene in the back room.

DSC_2159Then as Ian walked away, I saw Jana and Gloria walking toward me with a gleam in their eyes. I knew they wanted to come home with us from church – and they did.

They just wanted to hang out here and do what they could to help prepare for supper.

DSC_2160One thing they wanted to do was run our little sweeper.

DSC_2154Nate came early to watch football. Grandpa wanted to show him something with his deer antlers.

DSC_2179Jordan (left) had also come after church – to watch football.

DSC_2180Before long Josh was also here to join the other three.

DSC_2181Our children were in charge of the meal, so after Jere came to put some things in the oven, he took Cerwin’s seat and joined the guys.

DSC_2164While the big guys watched football Ian and I played his family’s new Monopoly game (electronic edition).

DSC_2165We weren’t playing long when the girls asked to join us.



DSC_2169If you haven’t played this new game – the prices have gone from hundreds to thousands and millions.

DSC_2173And there is no money. Transactions are handled by this “credit card machine.”

DSC_2175I think the children were impressed that I caught on so quickly.

DSC_2178You collect two million dollars for passing Go!

DSC_2182Jared and Jesse came when Jere and Kristen came to check on the food in the oven – ham balls and mixed vegetable casserole. Jesse wanted me to see what he had set up in the man cave.

DSC_2186This is small doll house furniture.

DSC_2202I asked Jana and Gloria to pose for a picture before the rest of our children and grandchildren arrived.

About this time the rest of our family began arriving and supper was soon ready to be served.

More about that tomorrow night.

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  1. Love your family. Wish we could have met them while we were there. I didn’t know about the new Monopoly game. Interesting. I bet 2 mill. doesn’t last that long anymore.

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