Our Own “Drummer Boy” Part 2

Remember I told you last night that something fun happened after the middle school concert? (Not so funny for Ian.)

6 (4)Our sweet Ian thought we all abandoned him after the program. He didn’t know that we were going to his house to celebrate with ice cream. It was only planned while we were waiting for the concert to begin. (Because another concert followed, we needed to get out of there quickly to make room for the next set of parents and friends.)

Ian asked Kristen where we all went – and what did we think. “Nobody stayed to talk to me?” Kristen just played along and decided to surprise him. 🙂

6 (5)He was one happy camper when they arrived at the house and we were all there. 🙂

6 (6)When I asked him what he thought when he discovered that we were all gone, he said, “I was a bit offended that nobody stayed to talk to me.”

6 (7)Jared blowing root beer float bubbles.

6 (8)Some of Kristen’s cookies.

6 (9)

6 (10)

7Jared played a Christmas song.

8 (1)

8 (2)Jesse showed us his one arm push ups. Jared is doing sit ups in the background.

8 (3)It was a great evening.

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