Fruit Basket & Sunset

Thursday, December 12 was a busy day in the office as I had many things to do.

I only had two days in my office this week – we got home from Hudson, Wisconsin, on Tuesday evening and were heading to Burlington, Ontario, on Friday morning for a memorial service for our TFC friend Audrey Scott.

DSC_1797Imagine our delight when a young friend from church delivered a fruit/food basket on Thursday afternoon. It was so full of wonderful things that I put some of them on the counter so you can see everything.

It was a thank you gift for printing I did for these food boxes and for Ladies’ Fellowship programs.

I love surprise blessings!

DSC_1803That evening I noticed the orange glow of another beautiful sunset.

DSC_1805Then we prepared our suitcases for another road trip on Friday morning.

One thought on “Fruit Basket & Sunset

  1. Wintry sunrises and sunsets are so striking! I love that each one is different. And I love thinking about the fact that friends and family, far and wide, are all seeing the same sun set or rise — the atmosphere through which it is filtered is the difference. 🙂

    You two have put in some serious miles these last few weeks — glad you’re able to go where you need to go and be where you need to be — all safely.

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