Moving the Chapels

Friday evening, December 6

DSC_1406After we arrived, Tim and Cerwin removed some exterior attachments to the old chapel. I’m not sure what everything was, but they looked like antennas and such.


DSC_1413The mechanic preparing to do his “thing.”

DSC_1414By 3:45 in the afternoon they decided that it may move, so Chaplain Tim got in the cab.

DSC_1417The trailer wouldn’t budge.

DSC_1425More discussion

DSC_1424Cerwin crawled under the trailer and loosened the slack adjusters, then hit the brake shoes to release the brakes. (I don’t know about things like that, but that is what he told me he did.)

DSC_14284:30 p.m. ~ It moved!

DSC_1436Tim moving it off the lot.

DSC_1441Cerwin bringing the new one in – but first a few cars had to be moved.

DSC_1443Cerwin, Tim, and the volunteers were so pleased to have the new chapel in place by the end of the day – 5:00 p.m.

That was not something they thought would happen in the early afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us on Friday.

God was truly WITH us.

DSC_1452Then it was time to celebrate with supper in the truck stop restaurant. This picture includes some of the setup helpers, Tim, his wife, Char, their three children, and a few friends.

It was surely a time to rejoice!

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