Saturday Night Supper

With Cerwin’s family

1 (1)While we waited for everyone to come, I noticed a beautiful sunset.

1 (2)Isn’t it interesting that sunsets are never identical?

1 (3)I enjoyed standing in our yard and seeing the tattered leaves and shellbarks silhouetted in the sunset.

1 (4)

2By 5:45 everyone was here and it was time to enjoy the delicious food each family brought.

3 (4)My contribution was baked mini ham and cheese sandwiches. The brown sugar/Worcestershire sauce/mustard topping makes them delicious.

3 (3)Macaroni and cheese and two sweet potato dishes.

3 (2)Our niece Crystal tried vegetable pizza for the first time. She will have to make that again sometime.


3 (1)The desserts were yummy.

4 (1)Cerwin’s sister Doris and her husband, Bob (upper right) were visiting from Minnesota and wanted to see as many family members as possible.

4 (2)Sweet Bailey

5We set the tables for 28 and had one empty seat.

We were grateful that a few of the guys helped Cerwin put the tables away and roll up the carpet – so he could be ready to leave on a hunting trip in the morning. This time he is with our son Jere and granddaughter Jana.

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  1. Just finished catching up on several of your posts ~ have just been overwhelmed here for awhile ~ I’m hoping I can get back to normal blogging soon ~ have a great week! Like snowflakes, every sunrise and sunset is different ~ you are right, that is just so amazing!

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