A Pretty Fall Sunday

One of our Amish neighbors was having church at their place.

DSC_9327I love to hear the clip-clop of horses hooves.

DSC_9333It is unusual to see a white horse pulling a black Amish buggy in our area. Look at the elegant way the second horse holds himself.

DSC_9338He walks with a beautiful high step.

DSC_9341As I watched them from our house, this is what they were seeing.



DSC_9357I miss these pretty fall colors. Most of the leaves are now gone, and those that are left on the trees are tattered and brown.

DSC_9360It was a beautiful early November Sunday in Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Fall Sunday

  1. I am amazed that the grass is still green. Ours is green too. Isn’t it usually dead by this time of year? Love the third picture, of the horse and buggy.

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