Another TFC Chapel Is Ready For Delivery

I thought you might like to see what is happening with the latest chapel construction.

1 (1)Cerwin picked it up at Mervin Weaver’s paint shop (Merv’s Painting) on October 23.

1 (5)Merv, his dad, Amos, and their employees do an amazing job of sandblasting and painting our old trailers.

1 (2)Our grandson Josh spent a day with Cerwin in the shop and did a great job of attaching reflective tape.

1 (3)The interior on October 28.

1 (4)

2Rohrer’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning installed the heating and cooling system.

3They install a unit in the living quarters and another in the chapel area.

10-29 (4)

11-7 (1)Glenn Fahnestock checking out the lighted cross he had just installed.

11-7 (2)Stiegel Valley Flooring installed vinyl in the chapel area…

11-7 (3)…and carpet in the living quarters.


Thanks to Glenn Fahnestock for being at the shop on the day this company installed the spray foam insulation under the trailer when we were on our trip to Missouri, and Inge Koenig for taking these three pictures.


It was fun to receive the pictures by email from Inge so we could see what was happening.


4aNotice the insulation under the trailer. Cerwin likes to have this done to chapels that go to areas where the winters are cold – as is the case in Hudson, Wisconsin where this one is going.

11-8 (7)The sofa bed looks nice in the living quarters.

11-21 (1)Glenn also took the chapel to Charlie Eckert’s for lettering. It was a blessing to have Glenn help Cerwin with a few of the final details while we were in Missouri.

11-21 (3)As of today, the chapel is packed and ready for travel to Hudson – next Thursday, December 5 – after two Thanksgiving meals and Cerwin goes on one more hunt.

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