A Delightful Weekend

It’s rather rare that I have a quiet weekend. However, that was bestowed on me the past two days while Cerwin, our sons, two grandsons, our brother-in-law, and a neighbor went to West Virginia to hunt deer.

I was so settled into my La-Z-Boy – watching a good Hallmark Christmas movie and engrossed in beating the computer in a match game – that it took me a few minutes to accept Kristen’s invitation to come to their house for Chinese food (from a local restaurant) and participate in their movie night.

Part of me didn’t want to move out of my chair, change my frumpy house clothing into something presentable, and go outside into the cold wind. But I was so pleased to be invited and soon called her back to say that I would accept their invitation.

DSC_0952While Kristen and Jana finished setting the table, I asked Jared if he would play a song for me. He recently began taking piano lessons, and seemed pleased that I asked. He played Deck the Halls – by memory because he couldn’t find his book on a quick search.

DSC_0954I love Chinese that includes shrimp, so chose from this dish.

DSC_0956The other choice included chicken.

Jana and the three youngest boys do not like Chinese, so they had macaroni and cheese. 🙂

DSC_0957There were also a few crab Rangoon’s and egg rolls. I am not aware that I ever had a crab Rangoon, but found it to be delicious.

DSC_0958Then we settled into comfortable positions to watch the Walt Disney movie “Planes.”



DSC_0961It is a cute story about Dusty a crop duster who dreamed of being a race plane.

DSC_0964He listened to advice from an old military plane and learned a few other tips while participating in a local race.

Then, even though some of the other planes made fun of him, he signed up for a race around the world. We were sure that he would come in last after he took time to help a plane that was having engine trouble. Then some of the bully planes damaged Dusty – and later he got into some bad weather.

Whoever did the artwork for this movie did a fabulous job of creating talking planes and landscape as the planes went from place to place around the world. We could usually determine where they were by the landscape – and the language accent of the people where the planes landed at then end of each leg of the trip.

You will have to watch it to see who wins! 🙂

Today at church we were blessed by a challenging message from Romans 14, then this afternoon I again settled in to my La-Z-Boy and began writing our personal end-of-year newsletter. Cerwin called after lunch and said they were also blessed by a challenging message at New Hope Church of the Brethren, Dunmore, West Virginia.

It was a delightful weekend.

6 thoughts on “A Delightful Weekend

  1. That sounds like a delightful weekend — I’m glad you joined the grandchildren for Chinese food, but I’m also glad you had some relaxing time at home alone!

  2. I remember thinking I would not enjoy CARS but when I watched it with my grands, I enjoyed it very much. So I’ll have to “order” PLANES for a time when I can watch it with them. My Lazyboy called out to me yesterday afternoon, too, but I didn’t do one productive thing while I sat in it except take a much-needed nap! Hope the WVA hunt is successful for Cerwin and the other guys.

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