Traveling – Richmond, Indiana, to Home

Wednesday, November 20

After a quick motel breakfast we began the final leg of this trip.

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0 (2)I love early mornings on the road – about the time the sun is coming up. It’s a great time to take pictures.



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4 (6)Like Tuesday, I spent most of the day reading.

5Though we had a fabulous trip to Branson and Osage Beach, it was good to be home again after being on the road for 12 days. It was kind of a surprise to see that all the trees were bare…

6…as this is what our place looked like when we left home.

I spent Thursday and Friday doing laundry and catching up on the mail and emails in my office.

7 (2)This morning, after Cerwin, Jeff, Jere, Jordan, and Nathan left on a hunting trip to West Virginia, I prepared TFC’s monthly Prayer Calendar for Monday’s mail.

This afternoon I relaxed by watching a few good Hallmark movies on TV – while playing a computer game and enjoyed a visit from my nephew Derek.

7 (1)In the late afternoon when I went outside to get the mail a flock of Canada Geese flew overhead, and before long I heard shooting. I expect that means someone is calling the geese in for a Thanksgiving meal.

6aA short time later another flock flew by – and again I heard shooting. I couldn’t see the hunters, but I could hear them calling the geese with honking sounds that sounded like another flock of geese.

They reminded me of a message we heard last spring at a hunting show – when the speaker likened the way a hunter deceives wild game by calling them into bow or gun range the way Satan deceives people. Many times we are lured by Satan’s call and are in a place of danger before we realize what happened.

7 (3)It is good to see the sunset from our own windows again.

7 (4)I love road trips – but even better, I love being home.

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  1. Welcome home! I know how nice it is, and you always have a lot going on at home — but that was a magnificent vacation you’ve just finished, too! I love the shots of the geese — maybe those are the flock that was left behind in Churchill because there was still food when I was there — the grain shipping has ended for the year now, so they need to move south to find food! And those are beautiful sunsets!

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