Whitetail Hunt Orientation

While Cerwin went through orientation and met other hunters, I went outside to photograph memories from this hotel in Osage, Missouri.

1 (1)It was a beautiful day for a walk.

1 (2)Nineteen of the twenty vans that will take the hunters to their locations on Saturday morning. #15 van was missing when I took this picture.

1 (3)The entrance area of the hotel is the fourth floor – because it is built on a hill overlooking a lake. Our room is on the second floor.

1 (4)

2I went inside to locate the hunters who were in orientation. There were three different times throughout the day for the hunters to attend – each orientation was the same, so they had to only attend one.

2aThe 10:00 a.m. orientation when Cerwin attended. He is wearing the orange shirt, and never knew I was there because I did not use a flash to take the picture.

2bThe owners of Whitetail Trophy Hunt are Don and Craig – father and son – and this is Craig’s wife Julie who takes care of the clothing store.

3 (1)Cerwin thought that he would be pleased with a rack like this. 🙂

3 (2)The meals at the hunt begin with supper, so we went out to Bandana’s for a light lunch.

3 (3)This is where Kevin and Mark took us for supper the night before, and the smoked meat was a draw for Cerwin, even though there were many restaurants much closer.

3 (4)Cerwin’s lunch of a smoked beef sandwich and potato salad.

3 (5)My lunch was this grilled corn on the cob. Yum!

3 (6)On the way back to the hotel, Cerwin noticed that our speedometer had all the same numbers.

4 (1)There is a puzzle being put together in the lobby next to where I am working on my counted cross stitch.

4 (2)It is a very appropriate puzzle for a white tail hunt.

4 (3)6:00 p.m. supper is on the third floor – just below the lobby.

4 (4)The room was filled to capacity with 171 hunters and many non-hunting spouses. Julie (owner’s wife) thought there are 60 non-hunting spouses. I will probably find out the exact amount today when we have our first meeting.

4 (5)This man “spoke a blessing” on the hunters.

4 (6)Owner Don welcomed everyone.

4 (7)His son Craig also shared a few words.

4 (8)This hunt is a big deal – with lots of prizes – because they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. This man (left) was awarded a free hunt because he has hunted with White Tail Trophy Hunt all twenty-five years.

4 (9)After the meal, the hunters learned where they will be hunting in the morning. Cerwin is writing down N-02 which is what hunt the computer chose for him.

4 (10)Then he found table N to learn about his tree stand. We understand that 02 means that he has Stand #2 on that farm.

4 (11)The taxidermist recommended by this hunt has a display in the banquet room lobby.

5The view outside our motel window before we went to bed.

We went to bed early because Cerwin’s alarm will ring at 2:30 a.m. He will eat breakfast, pick up his lunch bag, then be at the door at 4:15 when his van will be at the door to take his group of hunters to the farm.

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