Meeting A Blog Friend In Branson

Delightful is one of my favorite words, and it is how I felt about meeting my blog friend Janet (for the first time) yesterday!

0She came to our hotel and asked if it was okay to go to College of the Ozarks for lunch.


1This college is known as “Hard Work U” because the students work to pay their tuition.

2The motel, gift shop, restaurant, and conference area is beautifully constructed.

3 (1)During the time we waited for our lunch “buzzer” to let us know a table was open, Janet gave us a short tour of the center. At one point a “light” went off in my head and I realized that this was the college that our daughter Diane and her husband, Mark, had checked into when looking for a college for Hezekiah.

3 (2)It is also under consideration for Lydia. I called Diane to check on that, and she said, “Yes, it was one they have checked into.” She was surprised when I told her that we were here.

3 (3)Janet and I talked nonstop as we ate a delicious lunch – and tried to include Cerwin now and then. 🙂 It did not suit Janet’s husband to come because of their busy work with the cattle.

3 (5)It is a beautiful campus.

She dropped us off at our hotel about an hour before the afternoon show at Pierce Arrow – where we had been the night before. There aren’t many afternoon shows, and most start at 2 p.m. Plus we could get in there at half price because of being there the night before.

3 (6)We knew the afternoon show was different, and we thought it would be fun to see more of this comedian.

3 (7)He didn’t disappoint us.

3 (8)Pierce Arrow was just as good as the night before – doing a different program. Here they are singing “This Old House.”

3 (9)After a light supper (I had fried green tomatoes) we went to see the Presley’s – first enjoying the Gospel Sing-a-Long in the upper lounge.

3 (11)This family is one of the few things we knew about Branson before this visit, because we watch them on RFD TV many Saturday evenings – and these comedians – father, son and grandson were main attractions to us.

3 (12)Cerwin said this was his favorite show so far. It is still a toss-up for me – between them and Texas Tenors. The Presley’s have a large talented cast which is made up of many family members.

3 (13)

3 (14)One thing I didn’t pick up on TV was the gentleness of this man.

3 (15)Two people playing one instrument.

3 (16)They do a good job of training the next generation.

3 (18)This Presley plays an amazing harmonica.

3 (17)

3 (19)One of the fun things at the end was seeing the real Cecil. He is the one with the “high water” pants in the previous pictures.

Oh, I had so many more pictures from the day – but there is a limit to how many I should put in one blog entry – and we are about ready to leave for another adventurous, busy day in Branson.

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  1. “Nonstop” — yes! (on my part!) “Delightful” — Yes! It was the first time I’d met a blog friend in person, and it couldn’t have been nicer. I am now looking forward to a trip to Pennsylvania to see Doris and Cerwin in their own place. Since I learned that my paternal ancestor stepped off a boat in the early 1700s and put in a store at Marcus Hook, PA, I’ve been wanting to go there — now I’m seriously making plans! Who knows — we may even find we’re kin! 🙂

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