Monday in Branson

How do I limit my many pictures of the day to a sensible amount for my blog?

1 (1)We found our way to the Showboat “Branson Belle” for our scheduled lunch cruise – a bit early.

1 (2)We have learned one thing – that people arrive really early for scheduled programs around here. When we think we are too early, there are already a lot of people there – and there are gift shops everywhere.

2Our entrance picture. I didn’t bring a scanner on the trip :), so just took a picture of a picture.

3 (1)We had fabulous seats – first row in the raised area on the first floor, which meant we did not have to look over or between anyone’s head. We were blessed by Christmas music from St. John Sanctuary Choir from Collinsville, Illinois, during the early part of our meal.

Cerwin is talking to the lady next to him. She is from Alaska and lives in a motor home – alone – traveling all over the country visiting family and places that interest her.

3 (3)Christopher was master of ceremonies and quite talented and funny.

3 (4)

3 (6)The Rockin’ Dockers played delightful country and Christmas instrumentals while we ate. They were also backup musicians during the entire cruise.

3 (5)Our DELICIOUS meal began with corn muffins and a salad – before the main entrée (chicken, beef, snow peas and mashed potatoes) was served.

3 (7)The cheesecake dessert was yummy.

3 (8)While Cerwin enjoyed coffee, I toured the ship. You can see him to the right of the flag decoration – in burgundy shirt with black vest. This photo was taken from the third level where meals were also served. When I got back, he went for a walk.

3 (9)

3 (10)The captain.

3aThe after-dinner show. We learned one thing about shows in Branson. It is not always good to be seated in the front of the auditorium or along an aisle. 🙂 The lady seated on stage was chosen from the audience to ring a bell as this group sang Silver Bells.

3b (1)The Branson Belle was blessed when they hired Janice Martin. She is a skilled violinist, singer, and pianist.

3b (3)

3b (4)She is also an acrobat – skillfully climbing and wrapping herself in these long pieces of cloth, to play violin. She learned to conquer her fear of heights when serving in the military.

3b (5)This was a beautiful rendition of God Bless America.

3b (6)It was a fabulous ending to the lunch cruise.

4 (1)There are only a few afternoon shows, so I checked the listing to see if we could make a 3:00 p.m. performance. We just made it to the Grand Country Music Hall in time and were able to purchase tickets to this funny, delightful afternoon.

The two men who are seated were chosen from the audience – to be this skit’s “dummies.” The comedians operated the men’s attached, large mouths. 🙂

4 (2)This show included a lot of humor.

4 (3)This is how a very skilled pianist plays “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

4a (1)When choosing our evening program, we decided on Pierce Arrow. We had never heard of them, but so many people told us that it was a great show.

I told Cerwin that the first few country-style songs sounded like the group could sing Southern Gospel. They had amazing harmony.

4a (2)…and before long that is what they were singing.

5Jarrett Dougherty is known as one of the funniest men in town – and he is. Here he is playing Brother Cecil.

DSC_9841Here he is a redneck hunter. It seems that he was always looking for a snake that was loose in the building.

DSC_9844The daughter of one of the band members singing a Christmas song.

DSC_9848Their second act was made up of delightful Christmas music.


DSC_9856Pierce Arrow includes a Guinness World Record holder (right: lowest base), an American Idol Semifinalist (Luke Menard – left), Oak Ridge Boys former backup (long hair), and a licensed minister (tallest).

DSC_9865The entire cast closed the show with a Christmas song.

It was a delightful, fun-filled day. We are learning that this town is filled with amazing musical talent.

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