Indianapolis to Branson

1It is always delightful to see the 198 foot tall cross when we travel through Effingham, Illinois.

DSC_9571Enjoying coffee, the scenery, and three hours of Gospel music on Sirius Radio (bluegrass channel) was heavenly.

2As we talked about the delightful, heavenly morning, we came upon highway that was quite bumpy.

I said to Cerwin, “This road reminds us that we are not yet on streets of gold.” 🙂

DSC_9534Someone is getting a large delivery of pipe fittings.


DSC_9572One of our first sightings of the St. Louis Arch.


DSC_9601There were many large sign advertisements – during the last half hour before arriving at Branson.

DSC_9602Missouri hills

DSC_9607Branson is definitely a city of food, music and entertainment.

DSC_9609Cerwin was into something smoked and made of beef, so we stopped at this restaurant near our motel.

DSC_9612We enjoyed the delightful music of this country music crooner while having our first real meal of the day – smoked brisket and a salad bar.

DSC_9613There was also a friendly man in the entrance area who helped us organize our three days in Branson – with information about the best concerts.

DSC_9615Our first tickets were to hear The Texas Tenors at Starlite Theatre. I took this picture in the diner/entrance area. This was about two hours after supper, so a dip of vanilla ice cream sounded good while we waited for the theatre doors to open.




DSC_9628Oh, my! What an incredibly, fabulous concert.

DSC_9636Some of you will remember them from “America’s Got Talent” in 2009 – when they became famous, even though they did not win the top spot.

DSC_9647The concert included gospel, patriotic (Veteran’s Day is a big deal here in Branson), classical, country, and familiar Christmas songs.

DSC_9649John Hagen reading the story of the birth of Jesus from Luke.

DSC_9655They enjoy having fun with their amazing talent.


DSC_9661If you go to Branson, don’t miss this concert.

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