Road Trip To Indianapolis

It was a good day!

DSC_9436This is what happens when you take a picture before there is enough light. I thought it was kind of interesting.

We left the house at 5:15 a.m. and enjoyed many sights and sounds through out the day.

DSC_9439We enjoyed coffee and homemade cookies – from Deb – during the early morning drive.

DSC_9462About this time we were listening to a fabulous bluegrass program on Sirius XM Radio – a collaboration of songs by Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby as we enjoyed the early morning sights.

DSC_9466  I never cease to be fascinated by tunnels. How do they dig tunnels through mountains?

DSC_9469My rearview mirror while in a tunnel.

DSC_9476It was a cold, frosty morning in western Pennsylvania.


DSC_9484So this is why traffic is so slow – we have to narrow down to one lane.

DSC_9487  I love the colors on this truck.


DSC_9499At first we thought he was hauling trash brush, but as we got closer, we saw that it was a lot of trees.


DSC_9503After securing our motel for the night, we went to the truck stop to meet the lead chaplain Howard and Dorinda Burrell.

DSC_9510  I liked this addition to an interior chapel wall.

DSC_9515We were surprised to see Chaplain Jerry Pike (right) who had just stopped in and offered to stay on the chapel for the evening. Jerry is still driving truck as he raises funds to come on staff with TFC and get a chapel to a truck stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

DSC_9518We invited him to go along with us for supper, but he decided to stay with the chapel.

DSC_9521We had a most delightful supper with Dorinda and Howard – at a nearby Cracker Barrel.

DSC_9523 It is a cold, windy evening outside, but we were sitting next to the fireplace which kept us toasty warm.

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