Look At Our Kitchen Counter!

How would you like to come home to this?


This is what our kitchen counter looked like when we got home from the TFC Dinner Concert at Manor Church on Saturday night, October 26.

I immediately knew that our granddaughter Abby had been here.

DSC_9015The home canned grape juice concentrate was our anniversary gift from her parents – our daughter Diane and son-in-law Mark. I knew it was coming. (I learned that Abigail did the canning of ours.)

Nate and Abby had been to Maine the weekend before to help her sister Hannah celebrate her 25th birthday – which is when Diane gave her the grape juice to bring back to Pennsylvania.

DSC_9016The note said that the sticky buns and cupcakes were a thank you gift for something she borrowed. (Please borrow them again.) 🙂

DSC_9018They are from DAZY’s Bakery – the bakery operated by Abby and her sister-in-law Adrielle

DSC_9019…and then there was this pie – Caramel Apple Pecan – our purchase at the evening’s silent auction.

DSC_9020It was delightfully delicious and worth every bit of the $30.00 we had to pay to get the highest bid.

It came from another bakery – this one in Mount Joy. We will have to look it up when we want another Caramel Apple Pecan pie.

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