TFC Dinner Concert at Manor Church

DSC_8968Hosted by Chaplain Jay & Nan Schock

DSC_8876They did a fabulous job of organizing the evening and decorating the chapel at Manor Church.


DSC_8879Their friends Ray and Lisa coordinated the silent auction which raised more than $700.00 for TFC.


DSC_8892People arrived early to find their assigned tables.


DSC_8897The delicious meal was catered by Nanalyn’s Full-Filling Feast.



DSC_8899Chaplain Jay welcomed everyone.

DSC_8903Pastor John (lead pastor of Manor Church) prayed a blessing on the evening and meal.







DSC_8924The Gabriels gave an amazing concert.

They are one of my favorite, local gospel groups – because they are quite talented and because Derek (right) is the son of my cousin Diane and her husband Keenan.

DSC_8931Will Stoner, a driver for Beam Farms, shared his testimony – of how the ABCs of Salvation (a regular section in TFC’s Highway News) helped him understand salvation through Christ.

DSC_8938Jeff Batzer, TFC’s Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs gave a ministry update.

DSC_8939Chaplain Jay asked the Elkton #1 team to come forward for prayer.

This is the chapel where Jay serves as lead chaplain.

DSC_8942Bunny O’Hare, TFC’s Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, anointed Chaplain Richard who will be leading a new ministry at the TA Travel Center near Bloomsbury, New Jersey. He has been serving and training at the Elkton #1 Chapel.

TFC had a chapel at the Bloomsbury truck stop for many years, but were asked to leave when there was major construction, and the general manager claimed there would not be room for a chapel.

DSC_8946We are excited that this truck stop is again open to TFC ministry.

DSC_8952Jay presented him with a journal…

DSC_8955…and a few joke gifts, because he has apparently lost or misplaced some things. 🙂

DSC_8963Jay gave an update of the ministry at the Life-Saver chapel.

DSC_8966 Prayer for his and Nan’s Prayer and Advisory Team.

Then there was more music by the Gabriels.




DSC_8997The program closed with Jay and Nan thanking those who helped make the evening possible, and Pastor John praying for Jay and Nan and the ministry of TFC.

DSC_9004Jay and Nan wanted a picture of the TFC staff who were in attendance, so I found someone to take our picture.

DSC_9011 It was certainly a delightful evening at Manor Church.

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