I Love the Drive To This Chapel

It was a beautiful morning as we traveled to Flying J Travel Plaza near Elkton, Maryland.

Monday, October 14.

DSC_8495  I especially enjoy this drive because we travel on back roads.


DSC_8511Now that is an abandoned house. The weeds and vines are covering the first floor.

I find abandoned houses interesting and sad.

DSC_8518  I wish we would have had time to stop here and enjoy the apple festival.

DSC_8516 There were cars and people everywhere.

I only took pictures of the apples.


DSC_8526We arrived at the truck stop about 10:30 a.m.

DSC_8529It was the first time I saw this chapel in its new location.

DSC_8531The truck stop went through major reconstruction this year, and since the chapel was parked near the building, it had to be moved to the back lot where it stayed (unused) for several months.

DSC_8533Chaplain David (right) is delighted to have the chapel open again and in a great location.

DSC_8536Prior to being moved it was on this side of the fence.


DSC_8541Chaplain David talking to a lady driver. It looks like he is telling her about the chapel.

DSC_8547We were here on this day to cover up this peeling decal.



DSC_8551Measuring the area where the sign will go.






DSC_8570David, Lamar (volunteer chaplain), and Cerwin admiring the finished work.


DSC_8575Putting the CB antenna in place.

DSC_8577Chaplains use the CB to invite drivers to Bible studies and Sunday worship services.

DSC_8583It’s good to know that this chapel is back in operation again.

DSC_8591The cones are temporary protection – so truckers don’t back into the chapel.

DSC_8596Another abandoned building – near the Cracker Barrel where Chaplain David took us for lunch. The truck stop restaurant is not yet open due to reconstruction.

Elkton 1 (2)After lunch we went north on Route 279 (about a mile) and stopped to see the other Elkton chapel. I think this is the only place in the ministry where we have two chapels so close.

We didn’t have time to visit Chaplain Jay, but I wanted to see where it was parked as it was moved since I had been there.

It was a good day.

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  1. I love drives on back roads too and your abandoned houses interested me as I was out yesterday for a drive on back roads taking pictures of old barns, etc. and just did a post about them!

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