Pumpkins & Birds

I am not sure how to connect these pictures of pumpkins and birds, but these are what I have left over after going through and posting my pictures from the first week of October.


The Pumpkins

fall (3)  I took this picture at a place of business just because I thought it was an attractive fall decoration.

fall (4)


The Birds

BirdMale Downy Woodpecker.

I did not do a good job of feeding the birds this past summer – partly due to the fact that I was either traveling or busy, but began keeping after the feeders again when things settled down in mid-September.

DSC_8422Female Downy Woodpecker

DSC_8423  I was pleased to capture a shot of this dove in the bird seed basket.

This is one of my favorite feeders. I bought it in a second-hand store several years ago, then went to a local hardware store for a few inches of window screen to put on the bottom so the seed didn’t fall through.

I still remember telling Phil (the employee) why I needed just a few inches of screen. He looked at the waste can where he had just discarded an old window screen and asked if that would be okay. I replied, “Perfect.” He cut what I needed and gave it to me. “No charge,” he said. 🙂

DSC_8415The highlight of watching birds at our feeders during the past few weeks was when a pair of Eastern Bluebirds hung around the patio for a few minutes.

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