The other week (October 7-10) we thought that it may never stop raining.

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10-11 (10)

2 (1) - CopyAbout the time we thought there was going to be a break in the weather, it began to rain all over again.

2 (2) - CopyThe Manheim Farm Show even had to cancel some of its activities.

3 - CopyWe do not live in an area that floods, so I don’t mind watching rain from our kitchen window.

The creek on our road over flows, which causes us to take another route, but that is about the only inconvenience we feel from heavy rain.

4 - CopyWe do have two sump pumps in our basement for times like this, but they barely had to work this time – unlike some of our family and friends who had water in their basements.

5 (2) - Copy  I was glad that Cerwin was home on this day because I had a bulk mailing ready for the post office.

It was more comfortable to have him do the driving on the rain-covered roads.

10-11 (1) - CopyWe came to several areas that were barricaded, so had to make detours – especially between the Lititz Post Office and Paul B. Zimmerman’s (where Cerwin needed to go for some chapel construction supplies).

10-11 (2) - Copy

6 - Copy   It was good to be home and watch the rain from inside our house.

10-7-13 (32)The rain eventually stopped and we were again rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

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  1. Oh, my goodness — it really did rain! On the 13th, we were 5 hours late flying from Winnipeg to Churchill, waiting for a storm to pass — I later found out that it was a blizzard with 90 mph winds!!!

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