TFC Ministry Happenings

The chapel under construction – for Hudson, Wisconsin – is moving along quickly.

9-19 (1)The ceiling was finished in mid-September.

9-19 (2)When the interior was finished to Cerwin’s satisfaction (early October), he took the trailer to Mev Weaver’s for sandblasting and painting – and to Cerwin’s surprise, Merv called him yesterday that it is finished. Wow! Cerwin didn’t expect it for another few weeks.

If things continue to progress, we will be able to deliver it to Hudson by the middle of December.

10-6-13We had a wonderful lunch and afternoon with our prayer and advisory team on Sunday afternoon October 6. These people are incredibly valuable to us.

10-7-13 (1)Life is never all wonderful news! This is what Cerwin found when he arrived at the TFC office on Monday morning, October 7. 🙁

10-7-13 (3)Thankfully Glenn and Cerwin discovered that lacquer thinner removed it quite nicely.

10-7-13 (4)The “artists” even put graffiti on the trailers that are waiting to be turned into chapels and those used for storage.

10-7-13 (5)

10-7-13 (6)The police have not yet located the culprits.

An enemy to the Gospel always reminds me that we are serving on the right team.

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