Dinner for Four At the “Penthouse” At Timber Rail

Flame Seared Steak du jour

Fresh Salad Greens

Vegetable du jour

Dessert – Chef’s choice

Date & Time to be Determined by Buyer (April thru September 2013)

This is what our daughter bid on at a benefit auction last fall – and chose us to be the other two people who would enjoy this meal.

1 (1)We met at Roy and Deb’s on Sunday evening, September 29 – the date agreed upon by the Wagners and us – then drove the few miles to the house.

1 (2)This looked very interesting.


3 (3)

2Jan was in the “penthouse” when we arrived and told us we could enjoy the yard a bit or come up to the deck and relax.


2b  I opted to walk around and take pictures.

2c (2)

2c (1)The horses seemed to think that I had food for them – or maybe they just wanted to see the stranger outside the fence.

2c (3)

2dIt was a beautiful evening.

2e (2)

2e (1)What were these three looking at?

2fThey were looking up at the tree that was dropping incredibly large leaves in the yard.

Don said he thinks that it is a sycamore tree – and after checking the Internet, I agree.

3 (1)  I loved this beautiful setting by the creek.

3 (2)

3 (4)Then it was time for the meal.

3 (5)


5 (1)

5 (2)We enjoyed soda, crackers, and cheese while Don grilled the steaks and scallops.

5 (3)After getting acquainted, Jan served a delicious salad.

5 (4)We thoroughly enjoyed this delicious meal. The steak and scallops were grilled to perfection. The buttered potatoes were from their garden and the green beans were yummy.

5 (5)We had so much fun getting to know the Wagners. Jan accidentally called Roy the wrong name – something like “Doug” – which became the running joke of the evening.

We learned that they live a few miles away and that this is their cabin.

5 (6)As you can see, it was cool enough for jackets by the time Jan served coffee and dessert.

5 (7)

5 (8)Roy and Jan enjoying their final joke about “Doug” while they gave us a tour of the cabin.

We told Deb to make sure that she bids on this meal again at the next auction!

5 (9)  I think we need one of these signs for our family. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dinner for Four At the “Penthouse” At Timber Rail

  1. It was such a great way to celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary; which was my original reason for bidding on it. But the night turned into something that was so much more then just a celebration, and it was so much fun making a few new friends and realizing that I knew a lot of the same people they did because of living in the same area for the past 20 years. A very delightful night to say the least; we love hanging out with you Mom & Dad and I will do my best to bid and win it next year too 🙂

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