Sauder Reunion

Saturday Evening, September 28

Sauders (1)This reunion – on the last Saturday of September each year – is something we always look forward to, partly because of the good food and partly because of the great fun we have together.

Sauders (2)

Sauders (3)

Sauders (4)Most of those in attendance are first cousins (and their spouses) – children of Cerwin’s mother and her siblings, but there were a few of the next generation like our grandson Josiah (left).

Sauders (5)

Sauders (6)

Sauders (7)This is often the only time of year some of the cousins see each other, so it is fun catching up on each others lives.

Sauders (8) If you want to see the group pictures a bit better, double-click on the picture and it will enlarge.

Sauders (9)

Sauders (10)Singing and prayer before the meal.

Sauders (11)

Sauders (12)After the meal we had a great time visiting.

Sauders (13)Uncle Amos (wheel chair) and Uncle John (white shirt) and Aunt Bertha (John’s wife) visiting with some of their nephews and a niece. Uncle John will soon be 98 and is the oldest living sibling.

Sauders (14)   I like this picture of Cerwin’s mother visiting with her youngest brother, Luke.

We had a great evening of sharing memories and catching up on each others lives.

One of the cousins tries to keep count of the number of people in each family and calculates that if everyone who is living attended this reunion, there would be 550 people.

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    • Oh, you should have a bite of what I just had. We took Jeff and Chris out last night for his birthday (next week). The restaurant specializes in cupcakes. I couldn’t eat all of mine so just had a bite with my coffee. It was just like a super moist pumpkin roll. 🙂

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