Nature Walk ~ Part 3 ~ Final

This is the wide view of where I took the close-up photos on my nature walk a few weeks ago when waiting for a truck show to begin.

1The first few were taken along the woods on the far left.

1a (1)Oh, the scent of honeysuckle!

1a (2)

1a (3)

1a (4)

1a (5)

1a (6)

1a (7)

1a (8)

1a (9)

1a (10)

1a (11)This dead tree and the greenery around it caught my attention.

What would I find?


2 (59)

2 (60)

2 (67)Oh, that’s not what I wanted to see. It looks like a bird lost its life here.

2 (61)But then I found my favorite thing to photograph of this walk.

2 (65)I am not sure what it was, but it was so pretty – in an end-of-season way.

2 (64)

2 (68)Then as I looked toward the building, I knew it was time to head back to where the people and vehicles were gathering. I would have liked to know the story of this old house – which was next to Jason Shelly’s truck garage (just to the right of this photo).

3I walked out of the field between these trucks. (The old house is to the right of the blue truck.)

4By this time I was hungry and back to reality!

One thought on “Nature Walk ~ Part 3 ~ Final

  1. I enjoyed seeing what you saw, the berries and the dead tree…the bird remains (oops!), the thistle. So much loveliness and a hotdog to fill your tummy! xo

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