West Hall Activities Part 1 ~ Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

West Hall is a popular stopping place for those who attend the Disaster Relief Auction.

1There are lots of homemade goodies.



2 (1)

2 (3)Cerwin asked me to bring a pie home – and there were many choices.

2 (4)

2 (5)   I bought a raisin crumb pie. It was delicious.

3This young man has displayed his hot pads in West Hall for many years.

3aHe is delighted when someone stops by, picks up a few hot pads, and puts a donation (to BDRA) in the container.

3b (1)There is even a candy table.

3b (2)

4The scent of caramel corn fills the air as you near the center of the building.

4aPopcorn waiting to be coated with caramel.

5 (1)

5 (2)According to a newspaper report, Share-A-Meal raised $10,000.00 this year.

5 (3)This is done by people who cook meals – on a set date – for a certain number of people. You can stop by this table, look over the meal and location choices and purchase meals for $20.00 a person.

5 (4)This area of the building has information on what is being done by Disaster Response by the Church of the Brethren.



6aWhen I went by the area this time, our friend Jim (a disaster relief leader) was in a deep conversation with this woman.




DSC_7544   I have more pictures from this room, but will wait for tomorrow’s entry.

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