Food ~ Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

This is just a sampling of the food that was available at the BDRA last weekend.

Some food items were available throughout both days, while other meals were at set times.

0 (1)   I received permission to go inside the sausage sandwich stand.

0 (2)  It looked and smelled delicious.

0 (3)

3 As I approached the French fry stand, I noticed my niece (and her girls) and my sister talking to a friend. French fries are a must for me at this event.

4The chicken bar-b-que dinner began at 3:00 p.m. Friday.


6Breakfast was being served when I arrived at the Expo on Saturday morning.


7 (1)  An Amish-made soft pretzel is an entire meal for me.

7 (1a)

7 (3)

8 (1)And, oh, those Amish-made donuts!

8 (2)

8 (3)

8 (4)


9a (1)

9a (2)   I don’t think many people leave without tasting at least one small donut.

I read in a local paper that the income from the Amish-made pretzels and donuts was $8,300.00.

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  1. I did not have one healthy thing the entire two days I was there. I had French fries and lemonade on Friday, and a donut and coffee on Saturday morning. My lunch on Saturday was a soft pretzel and ice tea.

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