Children’s Activities – Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

There are a nice variety of activities for the children at this two-day event.

Auction (1)

Auction (2)

Auction (5)   I always enjoy watching children’s auctions because the children do not try to hide the fact that they are bidding.

Auction (7)They just hold their number in the air until they are finished bidding.

Auction (8)

Auction (6)It takes a good auctioneer to conduct an auction for children – one who can slow down a bit so the children understand him.

Auction (3)   I noticed these bright green sneakers several times during the day and was able to capture a shot when I noticed them from the back of the bleachers.

Bugs - Fred Beam (1)Those in the children’s tent seemed to thoroughly enjoy the bug demonstration by retired missionary Fred Beam. He opened his talk by showing a few things that native Africans carved from ebony.

Bugs - Fred Beam (3)This ebony Coca-Cola bottle is amazing.

Bugs - Fred Beam (9) He forewarned the children that really smart children go “Oh-h-h” instead of “Eww-w-w.” when they see his bugs and other critters.

Bugs - Fred Beam (7)There were lots of “Oh-h-h’s” when he opened each bug box. 🙂

Bugs - Fred Beam (4)  He often had funny or interesting stories to go along with each collection of bugs.

Bugs - Fred Beam (13)

Bugs - Fred Beam (12)

Clown (1)The clown was usually quite busy making balloon creations – especially on Saturday.

Clown (2)I missed getting a picture of the barrel train. I hope John (the other photographer) got a shot of that.


4 thoughts on “Children’s Activities – Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

  1. It look like a very fun time. I love the bright green sneakers. Here’s something most people don’t know about me, I’m terrified of clowns. I love the vintage Coke bottles, I remember drinking out of those when I was a kid. I think I need to visit you and your family. You always have the best time and see and get to experience the greatest things.

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