Critter Pictures

I won’t need many words to show that these animals are loved and well cared for once they get to Roy and Deb’s house.

DSC_7144When the trucker heard that he lost two baby ducks, he was surprised that they were alive.

They must have fallen off the truck at the same time to be discovered together. Maybe they escaped like Bonnie and Clyde. 🙂








DSC_7168Though the kitten is still skinny, he has beautiful blue eyes.

DSC_7170Ian getting water for the ducks.

DSC_7173The brown one was quick to get into the small container.



DSC_7207Deb was surprised and pleased at how comfortable Luna was with all the people and at being outside as she is often frightened by new surroundings.


DSC_7216Deb kept her eye on Luna when she was near the ducks, because she has some squeaky toys she loves to throw around. Deb was worried that Luna would think they were squeaky toys.





DSC_7229Deb will be looking for a loving family for this kitten after he is healthy and has gained some weight. The vet thinks it will take a few weeks.








DSC_7267It has been interesting to watch Roy and Deb care for orphaned, abandoned, and abused animals. Many would surely have died if they hadn’t gotten into their loving hands.

12 thoughts on “Critter Pictures

  1. I sort of imagine there might be a ready-made home for the kitten — the boys seem to really enjoy him! I think there were more raccoons — have the others been released to the wild?

  2. These pictures are priceless Mom, thanks again so much for coming. I loved that all the babies were exhausted after play time and took 4 hour naps too.

    In regards to the other raccoons we had: the other 8 we raised this spring and summer were released and are all doing great, we see them in our trail cameras almost every night at the feeding stations we have. The all are growing so much and still hang out together which is something they will do until spring of next year when they will start their own families.

  3. Such beautiful pictures! I was blessed to connect with your daughter Deb today on Facebook and she has graciously shared Her Nut Hut update with me. I love hearing all her stories of how she found these precious animals and what they are doing to save them!

  4. Those ducks are so fluffy and cute and the kitten has amazing blue eyes. Life must never be dull at that house – what a great and rewarding job to help those critters get back to a healthy good life.

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