Lunch at RD’s

There were multiple reasons why we and Jere and Kristen’s family met Roy and Deb at RD’s for lunch after church on Sunday.


1. It is a new restaurant in Roy and Deb’s area.

2. I had some things that needed to be returned to Deb (they live about an hour away from us).

3. Deb twisted her knee the other week, and I wasn’t able to give her a get-well gift – so this lunch was her gift.

4. Roy and Deb have three new critters – and Ian, Jared, and Jesse wanted to see them before they were given to new homes.

2 (1) We weren’t aware that the restaurant has a Sunday brunch that lasts until 2:00 p.m. – which was perfect for our crew – because they could pick and choose whatever they wanted and in whatever amount they wanted.

2 (2)

2 (3) Ian, Jared, and Jesse loved the bacon. It reminded us of our cruise the other year when the boys ate lots of bacon for breakfast. 🙂

2 (5)Roy and Deb surprised Jere by having the waitresses bring a special dessert and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

2 (6)

2 (4)Jesse enjoyed the dessert bar in the buffet.

3 (1)From there we went to Roy and Deb’s to see the tiny ducklings that arrived two days earlier. They fell off a truckload of ducks and a local policeman called Deb – asking if she would care for them and find them a home. The trucker did not want to return for two ducks as he was many miles down the road before they tracked him down.

They will be going to a local pond where there are other ducks.

3 (2)Then there is the scrawny black kitten that arrived on Wednesday. Roy and Deb plan to take care of him until he is healthy and then find him a good home.

4One of the more interesting critters in their house is the prairie dog who was rescued by a vet in another state – then contacted Deb.

4aShe (Annie) spends most of her days “shredding” newspaper then burrowing into it to sleep.

3aThere are a few other critters at Roy and Deb’s right now – including Luna the raccoon who wouldn’t stay in the wild with her brothers and sisters.


3bShe is the reason that Deb is wearing the leg brace. When Deb took her to the large wooded area where they release and feed raccoons, Luna followed her and got tangled in her feet. As you can see, when Luna is scared or uncertain about people or her surroundings, she hangs around Deb’s legs.

Deb needs to wear the leg brace while her knee heals.

There will be more pictures tomorrow night.

8 thoughts on “Lunch at RD’s

  1. It was such a fun afternoon, thanks Mom and Dad for lunch and for all the laughs in the backyard with Jere, Kristen & their family too — my animals were exhausted after all the playing, but they sure had fun. The little kitten is actually a boy we found out today and he is only 3 weeks old and will need some meds and lots of loving care, but should be just fine. Thanks again

  2. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The brunch looks quite yummy — and the animals well cared for at Deb’s house (but that poor little kitty looks so scrawny — I hope Deb can bring him back to health quickly!

  3. What fun you have together! The new babies are so cute and again what a blessing Deb and Roy are caring for God’s little creatures. I love seeing their pictures.

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