Mother High’s 96th Birthday Party – Part 2

Five Generations2a (1)  Back: Dorretta (Grandma), Justin (Father). Front: Velda (Great-grandma), Owen (baby), and Ella (Great-great-grandma)

2a (2)

2a (3)The parents: Haley and Justin with Mother and Owen.

2a (4)We added Owen’s great-grandparents Mel and Velda.

2a (5)He was not particularly impressed with all the photographers.

2a (6)Owen’s grandparents, Dorretta and Rod in the back.

2a (7)

2a (20)

2a (19)

2a (8)Then we changed our attention to baby Bryson.

Four Generations: Elvin (Grandpa), Ella (Great-Grandma), Bryson, and Bryon (Father).

2a (9)

2a (10)

2a (11)

2a (12)

2a (13)Elvin & Pat (Grandparents), Great-grandma, Bryson, and Bryon & Leslie (Parents).

2a (14)

2a (15)

2a (16)

2a (17)

2a (18)The two new families with Cerwin’s mother.

It is so much fun to have two new babies in our family.

6 thoughts on “Mother High’s 96th Birthday Party – Part 2

  1. Those are wonderful photos, Doris! Multi-generational family photos are such great memories — the babies won’t remember the event, or probably great great grandma, but they will always have the photos to remind them.

  2. so wonderful to celebrate 96 years of LIFE! what a blessing~
    that shots of her w/ her great great grandbabies are so special..
    those are pictures these boys will treasure someday!

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