Visiting Great-Grandma

Tonight – after supper at McDonald’s – we took the children to visit Cerwin’s mother.

DSC_6579Mother will be 96 on Sunday.

DSC_6564Jana read a letter to her from Jon and Jen Stauffer (Minnesota), that I received by email. Mother loves to hear about what is happening in her grandchildren’s lives but can no longer read due to poor eyesight.

DSC_6568She also keeps her mail for Cerwin to look through.

She doesn’t like to throw anything away encase it is important.

While Cerwin does that, I balance her checkbook.

DSC_6570The boys played with a small stash of toys she keeps in her closet.


Ian was last in line to get a shower, so this is what he did while waiting for his brothers.

DSC_6562When Jesse finished his bath, he checked it out and built his own tower.


DSC_6563He was pleased with his work.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Great-Grandma

  1. My goodness, Jana is growing up to look just like her mother — how wonderful! It looks as if you are doing the same things to help Cerwin’s mother with the money and the bills and the mail — have you discovered the wonderful Books on Tape service that the Library of Congress offers? If not, please e-mail me, and I will describe it for you.

    • Yes, Jana does look like her mother. Mother does enjoy listening to books and the Bible on tape. We are glad that she sees well enough to get around in her apartment, go for walks in the hallways, visit friends at Landis Homes, and even help know comforters.

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