Jesse – The Chef

DSC_6521Ian, Jana, Jared, and Jesse – ready for school this morning.

DSC_6528This morning when I was making sure that backpacks were ready for school, I discovered a chef’s hat and apron in Jesse’s backpack.

When I asked if he needed it for school, he said, “No. I thought maybe I could help you cook.”

So we made plans for him to cook supper tonight.

The menu: hot dogs and buttered noodles.

DSC_6530Putting butter in the kettle.

I always use a kettle when children are browning butter – so it doesn’t cook over when they add bread crumbs.

DSC_6531Setting the table.

He wanted to use my good dishes.

DSC_6532Adding Flowers.

DSC_6533We decided to add more butter.

DSC_6535Lighting candles.

DSC_6540Putting ice cubes in the goblets.

They are our wedding goblets – from 50 years ago.

DSC_6542Adding noodles to boiling water.


DSC_6544Putting bread crumbs in the browning butter.


DSC_6550The appetizer was coke and a peanut butter cracker.

DSC_6553The brown butter crumbs are ready to add to the noodles.



DSC_6559After prayer Jared proposed a toast.

DSC_6560Oh, what fun!

Right now the last little guy is in the shower.

Jana, Kezi, and I are in the living room watching an interesting movie about four friends.

There are four or five guys in the man cave – watching football and eating pizza.

Cerwin just walked in after helping at Jeff and Chris’ house – and grabbed a slice of pizza.

It was the kind of day that just makes me smile.

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  1. Jesse’s quite a little chef! Was it he who did the interesting things with hot dogs and spaghetti last spring? He’ll dod well in culinary school when he’s old enough!

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