Today – From Breakfast to Sunset

Cerwin and Josh went to Jeff and Chris’ to help finish the deck, which left the other five of us with an open day before us.

1 (1)Jana made pancakes for us.

1 (2)Plain or chocolate chip.

1 (3) The boys were delighted.

1 (4)After a bit of computer and TV time for the boys and Jana – and laundry time for me – we went to the pavilion to clean up.

1 (5)Friends called yesterday and asked if they could use the pavilion for an impromptu family gathering tomorrow.

2Jana was on spider web-clean-up duty.

3 (1)She called us all over to see this decorative spider.

3 (2)   I learned from the internet that it is a Marbled Orb Weaver.

4 (2)She also swept the bottom of the serving table – a long board that will be placed on saw horses.

4 (1)The boys favorite thing to do was throw sticks and leaves into the fire.

I should have taken a picture after we were finished. Cerwin mowed the yard when he got home, and I finished the job by weed eating. It looks quite nice.

4 (3)Tonight Jana stayed with the boys while Cerwin and I went to an “Old Gang” supper at a local restaurant.

There were 44 of us – friends from days when we were young people.

4 (4)Most are now married more than 50 years. Others will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in the near future.

I am not aware of any divorces in this group. There were a few deaths, and there was one widower and his friend at the meal tonight.

4 (5)When some of us went outside to visit – because the room was full and noisy, I noticed the beautiful sunset.

…and the seventh day of this week was a very good day for us.

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  1. I remember Kristen saying they were coming out to Bakersfield in September — I understand that they need to be where the dairies are — but Bakersfield has to be one of the hottest places in CA, and we’re in the middle of a heat wave! I don’t envy them this trip!

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