I Love a Rainy Day

…especially when we are at the Myers’ house in Maine.

1  The bluegrass organizers must have been praising the Lord that the rain waited until the festival was over.


2a (1)

2a (2)The rain was quite heavy some of the time.

5 (1)  It seemed like a good day to play table games.

5 (2)They (Diane, Hannah, and Elizabeth) started by teaching us a new game – Take One – which is played with Scrabble letters.

Hezekiah went back to college earlier in the morning and Mark was working, so we were the only occupants in the house.

5 (3)Because there were five of us, they combined two sets of Scrabble letters.

5 (4)Everyone gets seven letters and has to try use them all to make their own set of words. Diane was obviously going to have a problem with that Q until she could get more letters.

5 (5)These were my first seven letters.

After someone can use all seven letters, they call, “Take one”, and everyone can get another letter from the pile. Every time a person uses all their letters they call, “Take one.”

5 (6)The game is played until all letters are used. Obviously their rules allow using the same word twice. Words can be moved and changed through out the game.

Then you total the value of each word – with each person keeping their own record. The game starts over if you wish to keep a running score.

4aSomewhere between games we had brunch in the late morning – eggs (a choice of over light or scrambled) and homemade scrapple.

2a (3)Then – while it continued to rain – we played Rook.

2a (4)When Eric (a family friend) stopped in, we changed to Scum, and when Mark got home in the late afternoon, we added him to the game.


DSC_6340  At one point I noticed that the rain drops were creating bubbles.

DSC_6342We decided that it must have been in an area where someone washed a car or truck. 🙂

3 (3)  We stopped the games long enough to enjoy pizza (delivered by Papa John’s) before continuing our challenge to win at Scum.

3 (1)I’m not sure that I won at much of anything, but yesterday was certainly a wonderful, rainy, Labor Day with our Maine family.

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