Thomas Point Beach – Day 3

We went to church with Mark and Diane – Brunswick Church of the Brethren – before joining the Bluegrass Festival. There was a worship service on the beach, but we like to spend some time with our friends at the church in Brunswick.

0 (1)Mark and Diane joined us for the afternoon.

They left in the early evening because Mark had to be up early on Monday to deliver a refrigerated load.

0 (2)Hannah (and Hezekiah) stayed until the late night.

0a (1)A highlight for Cerwin was being able to listen to Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express.

0a (2)Bobby is part of the old bluegrass guys – from way back when Cerwin learned to love bluegrass. Bobby will be 82 this year.

The lineup for the day was: Rick Lang and Friends, The Boxcars, Balsam Range, Thomas Point Beach Children of Bluegrass with the Sawyer Family, Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express, The Whites, Della Mae, and The Gibson Brothers.

1 (1)   I took an early afternoon walk around the grounds. There are campers everywhere there is space – even outside the campgrounds.

1 (6)Not far from where we sit there is a vendor who sells hula hoops and has many that are available for children (and adults) to try.

1 (7)  As I walked around the campground and beach area, I looked for beauty to capture with my camera.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (1)

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

3 (1)There were about a dozen egrets feeding on the mud flats.

3 (2)

3 (3)Another one arriving.

3 (4)Not far from the egrets there was a great blue heron grazing for food.

3 (6)Toward evening I decided to take a second walk to see what was happening at the beach. Several people were enjoying the incoming tide.

3 (5)This young guy was preparing to go kayaking.

3 (7)

3 (8)   A nearby camper had these pretty lights hanging on the fence that separated the campground from the beach.

3 (9) This is why there are festival rules against high back lawn chairs. 🙂

After someone removed their chairs in front of us – and we were deciding if we should move front – this man put his chair in front of me. Needless to say, I moved a bit to the left so I could see the stage.

3 (10)While we enjoyed music, people continued trying out the hula hoops – which was directly behind us.

3 (11)

3 (12)Among my favorites of the day were The Whites – Buck White and his daughters Sharon and Cheryl. Buck is also a longtime bluegrass entertainer. He will be 83 this year.

3 (13)

3 (14)The last onstage group was The Gibson Brothers – who are incredibly talented.

Like I mentioned earlier, Hezekiah and Hannah stated for the Late Night Music with the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. We enjoy hearing and seeing their antics, but it was just too late for me.

It was a delightful, relaxing few days.

We plan to spend Labor Day with the Myers.

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